Services & Prices

Bath and Brush

A bath and Brush includes a deep cleansing bath with 2 washes a towel dry, blow dry and a very in depth brush and de-shed for any coat length. This will involve using the correct brushes and methods depending on coat length, condition and maintenance. Nails and Ear clean is also Included in a Bath and Brush. 
Prices can vary depending on Coat Condition. There may be extra charges to remove Matts and Knots depending on condition and maintenance.

Small Short Hair:  £15
Medium Short Hair: £20 
Large & XL Short Hair: £25

Small Long Hair: £20
Medium Long hair: £25
Large & XL Long Hair: £30

Full Groom

A Full Groom includes a deep cleansing bath with 2 washes, towel dry, blow dry and a brush and comb out. Clipping/Scissoring which is needed depending on Dogs breed, coat type and maintenance. Nail clip, paw tidy and ear clean/pluck if applicable. The Style/Length of your dog is completely your choice as long as the style is possible for your dog and your dogs coat. 
Prices will vary depending on breed, size, coat maintenance, coat length and coat type.

Please contact me or pop in for a quote for your dog!
Prices start from.. Small dogs: from £30,  Medium Dogs: from £35,  Large Dogs: from £40,  XL dogs: From £50

Speedy Splash (Bath and quick Dry Only!)

We all know our Pooches love their walks and love to get dirty! Or they simply just begin to smell! The Speedy Splash is a simple deep cleansing bath and a quick dry which will take anything from 15 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the breed and coat length of your dog! 

The Speedy Splash doesn't include Nails, Ear Cleaning or any brushing, clipping or scissoring. You can add a nail clip, ear clean or teeth clean as an extra! 
The Price for a Speedy Splash is simply £10 for small dogs and £15 for Larger dogs.

Dry Brush Only

The dry brush only is for dogs that need a brush to help keep their coats in great condition. This could be a good option for your dog in between grooms, especially if you like to keep his/her hair slightly longer! This does not include a bath, scissoring or clipping.
Nails, Ear clean and teeth clean can be added as extras. 
There will be extra charges for Matt Removals.
Prices start from: £10 for small dogs and £15 for Larger dogs.

Pampered Puppies

Pampered Puppies is an Introduction to grooming for puppies 6 months and under.
Your Puppy will be in a calm and comforting environment allowing Him/Her the time to settle into the salon experience.
The Pampered Puppies service will include a bath, dry, brush, nail clip, ear clean/pluck, eye/face trim feet and hygiene if needed. It will not include any clipping/scissoring on the body unless for medical reasons.
This is open to any breed as long as they have had all necessary vaccinations.
The price for Pampered Puppies is £15 for any breed, size and coat length.
This will take anywhere from 1 hour-2 hours depending on the breed and behavior of the puppy.

Nail Clip​ £8

Paw Tidy £8

Paw Tidy Includes, clearing the pads, in between the toes and around the feet.
Nail Clip and Paw Tidy together £10

Ear Clean £4 
Ear Pluck £4

Ear Clean & Pluck together £5

Teeth Clean £5

 This is a simple Gel to help clean the teeth and a foam to make your dogs breath smell fresh!
 (This is not an in depth clean that a vet does).

Face Trim Only £8 

Small Matt Removals

This is just removing matts, no additional clipping or scissoring will be involved unless added as an extra.
Prices will start from £5 depending on how many matts and how tight they are.

Small Pet (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits etc) Nails £8

You may be required to hold your small pet.

Small Pet (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits etc)  matt/knot removal 

Prices for a small matt removal will start at £3. You may be required to hold your small pet.